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Training Videos

The following modules were developed as part of a series of in-person training sessions conducted throughout the Northeast project region. They are designed to be used by agricultural educators and professionals to provide guidance and information to farmers currently offering or considering the addition of an agritourism enterprise on their farm.

Insurance for Your Agritourism Farm (Runtime - 7:31)

Accidents can occur on even the most well-managed agritourism operation. Learn about the importance of insurance and how it relates to the different aspects of your agritourism operation. Featuring Ryck Suydam of Suydam Insurance Agency and Owner/Operator of Suydam Farms in Somerset, NJ.

Managing Liability on Agritourism Farms (Runtime - 6:22)

Keeping visitors safe is a key concern of farmers engaged in agritourism. Learn about legal liability and how it relates to your agritourism operation. Featuring Denis C. Germano, Esq.

Managing Risk on Your Agritourism Farm: A Farmer’s Perspective (Runtime - 7:55)

Listen to a farmer’s perspective on managing the risk on an agritourism farm. Featuring Rich Norz, owner and operator of Norz Hill Farm in Hillsborough, NJ.

Managing Risk on Your Agritourism Farm: Hayride Safety (Runtime - 6:49)

Hayrides are a common component of an agritourism operation and have their own risks and safety concerns. Learn about simple preventive measures that can reduce the risk involved and help prevent accidents.

Managing Risk on Your Agritourism Farm: General Farm Safety (Runtime - 6:39)

If you are planning an agritourism operation or considering starting one, you are responsible for the safety of your farm guests and employees. This video aims to assist agritourism operators in preparing their farm for visitors.