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Training Modules

The following modules were developed as part of a series of in-person training sessions conducted throughout the Northeast project region. They are designed to be used by agricultural educators and professionals to provide guidance and information to farmers currently offering or considering the addition of an agritourism enterprise on their farm.

Module 0 - Introduction to Training Program Download

Provides goals and background of project and training modules.

Module 1 - Introduction to Agritourism Download

Background on agritourism and why farmers choose to pursue it.

Module 2 - Marketing Agritourism While Providing Quality Customer Service Download

A primer on marketing for an agritourism operation and its importance in a successful enterprise.

Module 3 - Financial Management: Budgeting & Pricing for Agritourism Download

Information on budgeting, pricing, and meeting the income goals of the farmer.

Module 4 - Managing the Safety Risks of Agritourism Farms Download

How to identify hazards and risks on an agritourism operation and properly manage them through employee training, risk communication to customers, and establishing emergency response procedures.

Module 5 - Agritourism Liability Download

Understanding agritourism liability and strategies for managing and limiting a farms liability.